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The Cambridge


No pollution

 22' long  by  9' 5" wide

Extremely quiet

Comfortable seating

up to

 12 passengers

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Our mooring at

The Boathouse

Beer Garden Terrace

Overlooks the river

Our mooring

Short distance


City centre

Cambridge River Trips
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The cambridge

Cambridge River Trips Boat Trips

BoAT TRIPS Cambridge River Trips Boat Trips


​ ​Cambridge River Trips is a private hire service, The Cambridge will be just for you and your party.
Trips are always available throughout the year towards Ditton Meadows, Fen Ditton passing the boathouses and meadows, with a stop at a riverside pub/restaurant, if you wish.
The trip will start at The Boathouse. The Cambridge has comfortable seating, it is very safe (2.87 m wide) and extremely stable.
Life jackets are available but not compulsory to wear.
If you would like a few balloons and a small banner or two on board please post them to us at our office.
Drinks such as soft drinks, cocktails, spirits, and beer can be brought onto the boat from The Boathouse bar. Request a bottle(s) of prosecco, champagne or wine before the day and we will have those ready to be served with glasses.
There is the opportunity to have a top up at a riverside pub (within the 2 hours or longer trip).
We often have 10 adults for a picnic cruise, an afternoon tea, a cream tea or people bring own food picnic.. Please look at the many photographs posted on our website and TripAdvisor to make a judgement about the table and seating space.
The Cambridge can accommodate 12 people.



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